About the competition

Who is eligible?

  • Students of grades 9–11 from Russia and foreign countries (except for residents of the capital cities)

In Russia, the capital cities are Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Why should I participate?

Why participate?

To win prizes including a personal scholarship for one year for 11th-graders, or electronic devices for students of 9th and 10th grades.

Technopolis GS

To visit a unique Russian innovation cluster Technopolis GS in Kaliningrad region.

 successful career after graduation

A chance to get a higher engineering education at leading universities and make a successful career in high technologies in Russia.

Competition stages

1st online stage: September 12 – October 31, 2016.
The top 1,000 participants from the 1st stage will make it to the 2nd stage.

2nd online stage: November 14 – 27, 2016.
The top 40 participants from the 2nd stage will make it to the 3rd stage.

3rd Final stage: December 10 – 11, 2016.
Venue: Technopolis GS innovation cluster, town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. Travel to the venue of the Final is paid for all 3rd stage participants and their accompanying persons (if participants are from the same educational institution, travel is paid only for one accompanying person per group). Only 10 winners are selected based on the results of the final round and will be awarded with GS Group prizes. All 3rd stage participants are awarded with diplomas.

Competition assignments

The assignments are based on the Russian general educational program in Mathematics.
The 1st elimination stage consists of eight assignments: three assignments are multiple choice, the other five – free response.
The time given to complete the assignments is 90 minutes (assignment completion speed is not taken into consideration). The key factor for entering the 2nd elimination stage is the number of correct answers.


The jury includes well-known mathematicians, teachers and professors:

Maxim Y. Pratusevich

Maxim Y. Pratusevich is an Honorary educator of the Russian Federation, Ph.D. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Director of school No. 239 with extended study of physics and mathematics, St. Petersburg.

Fedor Duzhin

Fedor Duzhin is a two-time winner of the All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad of 1994 and 1995, the All-Russian Computer Science Olympiad of 1994 and 1995, and winner of the China National Mathematics Olympiad of 1995.
In 2005, he defended his doctoral thesis in mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden).
Since 2008, he has been a lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

Marina V. Yashina

Marina V. Yashina is a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, an Associate Professor of the St. Petersburg State University, and jury member of the regional stage of the All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad and the Mathematics Olympiad of the St. Petersburg State University.

Dmitry V. Maksimov

Dmitry V. Maksimov is an associate professor of the Department of Mathematical Analysis at the Herzen SPU of Russia, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics (since 2006), a teacher at the City Center for Mathematical Sciences under the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, and a member of the methodological committees of the St. Petersburg City Olympiad, the Kangaroo international competition game, the Festival of Young Mathematicians, and the Mathematics All-Round International Mathematics Tournament.
Two winners of the International Mathematics Olympiad are among his students.

Organizing committee

Tatiana G. Gdalina

Tatiana G. Gdalina is the Deputy Director of the Center for Talented Youth, Attracting Students and Pre-higher Education of the Herzen SPU, and Ph.D. of Pedagogical Sciences.

Gennady R. Lubich

Gennady R. Lubich is the headmaster of Luceum No. 14, named after the honored teacher of the Russian Federation A.M. Kuzmin (Tambov), an honored teacher of the Russian Federation, an honored worker in general education of the Russian Federation. He has trained more than 50 winners and prize winners of competitions at various levels. His students have repeatedly won prizes at the 4th and 5th stages to the All-Russian Olympiad in Programming.

Ekaterina K. Zueva

Ekaterina K. Zueva is the head of the City Center for Science Olympiads of the St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity.

Vadim V. Monakhov

Vadim V. Monakhovis a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, an Associate Professor of the Physics Department of the St. Petersburg State University, one of the founders and organizers of one of the largest online competitions for students, the International Physics Olympiad.

Irlan Zh. Iskakov

Irlan Zh. Iskakov is the rector of the Interregional Institute of Economics and Law under the IPA.

Valentina V. Abaturova

Valentina V. Abaturova  is a Ph.D. in Pedagogy, the director of the Center for Organizational and Methodological Support Gifted Students under the Academy of Training and Retraining of Educators.

Prizes for the winners

Students of 9th and 10th grades: electronic devices.
Students of 11th grades: a GS Group personal scholarship for a year (subject to university admission on majors that is in demand at Technopolis GS). The amount of the monthly allowance paid from September 2018 to May 2018 is 9,000 rubles including personal income tax.
Majors in demand at Technopolis GS

About GS Group

GS Group (before 2013 — General Satellite corporation) is a Russian multisectoral investment and industry holding company working on the basis of its in-house high technology in the area of telecommunication and innovation. GS Group is an acknowledged Russian leader in developing technologies for digital television, designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and microelectronics, composites and nanotechnologies.

For 25 years, the basis of GS Group’s business has been its own technologies, R&D, in-depth expertise in areas of interest and a team of highly qualified employees.
The holding company is headquartered in Saint Petersburg.

The holding company believes in Russia’s innovation potential and demonstrates in reality how to organize an R&D center on the basis of a small city: GS Group is the investor of Technopolis GS in Kaliningrad region.

Due to the launch and active operation of up-to-date production facilities Kaliningrad region offers thousands of new job opportunities. They are constantly increasing due to the development and expansion of Technopolis GS production and research capacities. Talented specialists from all over Russia have found interesting and well-paid employment, a chance for self-fulfillment and career advancement in the high technology sector in Russia’s Kaliningrad region.

In its over 25-year existence GS Group has followed a serious and successful path. Today the holding company supports young talents so that they can develop their potential and evolve their abilities within Russia.

Technopolis GS – a desirable place to live and work

Technopolis GS is a unique private innovation cluster in the Russian Federation. The cluster is located in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. The GS Group investment and industry holding company is the promoter and investor of the project.

The cluster provides space for development of an industrial area, R&D and educational centers, business incubator and residential area. The project aims to establish close cooperation between the Russian science and economy, as well as to create conditions for sustainable development of talented young Russian professionals for the country’s benefit.
Nowadays Technopolis GS is a modern town where high-tech industries currently operate with success and a convenient infrastructure is being designed and built with a positive environment for self-actualization and development for professionals that is being formed.


  • Industrial area
    Large-scale production of Russian innovative products;
  • R&D center
    Major platform for modern research and development by the Russian talented specialists;
  • Educational center
    Aimed to form a pool of Technopolis GS future employees in the field of high-tech industries;
  • Venture fund
    Convenient environment for supporting new promising business trends in telecommunications and innovations based on the Russian and international startups;
  • Residential area
    Comfortable modern housing, high-quality social services and well-developed network of cultural activities.

Rules of Participation

The final stage of the International Mathematics Competition for the GS Group personal scholarship will take place in the territory of the Technopolis GS innovative cluster.
The complete Rules of Participation in the International Mathematics Competition for High School Students (Grades 9–11) from regional cities can be found in the Rules of the Competition.